Corporate Training

Corporate Training
One of the greatest challenges of any organization is in keeping pace with the rapid technological changes. The other constant challenge is the task of finding the right people, with the right skills, at the right time, for the right job. This is where Syslog steps in to partner with you and help you meet these challenges and stay ahead in the race. Our core competency is in providing quality training, staffing and developing industry specific solutions.

List of Trainings

Technical Training
we can provide tailor made Packages of the latest cutting edge technologies so that your employees can be upgraded in the shortest possible span of time but without a compromise with Quality.

Soft Skills Training
Soft Skills Training an important part of Management Training as it has a significant impact on Personality Development focusing on elements of Training and Development that require changes in behavior and thinking.
Why choose us?
we are innovative and creative
we are solution centered
we care – for each other, the client and the participant

we act with integrity
we believe strongly that process matters as much as content for engaging and effective learning
we have a ‘can do’ approach
we are flexible and responsive
we help the client and participant make more informed choices, rather than tell them what to do
we have a relationships culture, internally and externally, which is based on mutual trust, respect and valuing the individual

The Training Scenario
Our years of experience within the industry have made us aware of the woeful inadequacies of current training methods. Constantly changing technologies, short-skilled manpower and extremely tight deadlines have contributed to quick fix methods of training. An individual is briefly introduced to the new technology and then left to understand, experiment and expected to produce results within punishing deadlines. It is like equipping a person with a fork and asks to fight a dragon. An impossible task indeed.


Our Solution
Realizing the needs of the industry we strongly believe that a different and more effective approach to training is the need of the day. Our considerable expertise and the feedback we have received from hundreds of those who have undergone training have helped us to formulate our training programs in a unique manner. A wholly integrated training methodology that gives an in-depth understanding of the concepts, hands-on experience and a constant support system.

Our comprehensive training packages help you to adapt and manage the technological changes easily. We equip you with the skills required for effective performance in a very short lead-time. Our innovative and effective training methodologies and workshops empower you with that vital edge to stay ahead of competition

Our vision
Corporate Networks mission is to promote proper reliable methodologies and empower our customers to apply these methodologies in ways that will maximize their profitability while assuring the reliability and quality of their processes and services.


What we offer
We understand your training needs and bring you the best of training in the latest technologies, by the finest experts in the field. We have excellent training packages to suit every training requirement. We can also tailor training on any technology to meet the training requirements of your company.

We offer our specialized capabilities spanning a broad spectrum of technologies.Some of our training programs

Our Corporate Training structure
We have different methods to facilitate constant up-gradation of one’s skills. The following methodologies enhance your learning.
  • Interactive Training Sessions that include Presentations, Slideshows, Course Material, walkthroughs and hands-on experience.
  • CBTs (Computer Based Training) for self-paced learning.
  • Workshops that provide hands-on experience with a simulated environment and on live projects where the learning is implemented.
  • Group Discussions that brings a group of users working on similar technologies together and enables peer groups to exchange and share technical issues
  • Seminars that provide a common platform for information exchange and brings the expertise of the best in the field

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