IEEE Java Projects on ML and AI for CSE, ISE


Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence 

  1. Deep Air Learning Interpolation, Prediction, and Feature Analysis of Fine-grained Air Quality
  2. Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding for Recommendation
  3. Correlated Matrix Factorisation for Recommendation with Implicit Feedback
  4. Classification of A Bank Data Set On Various Data Mining Platforms
  5. Harnessing Multi-source Data about Public Sentiments and Activities for Informed Design
  6. A Data Mining based Model for Detection of Fraudulent Behaviour in Water Consumption
  7. Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Rating Difference and User Interest
  8. A Novel Mechanism for Fast Detection of Transformed Data Leakage
  9. Machine Learning Methods for Disease Prediction with Claims Data
  10. Review Spam Detection using Machine Learning
  11. A Framework for Real-Time Spam Detection in Twitter
  12. Serendipitous Recommendation in E-Commerce Using Innovator-Based Collaborative Filtering
  13. A Collaborative Filtering Recommender System in Primary Care Towards a Trusting Patient-Doctor Relationship
  14. A Workflow Management System for Scale able Data Mining on Clouds
  15. Efficient Processing of Skyline Queries Using Map Reduce
  16. Net Spam a Network-based Spam Detection Framework for Reviews in Online Social Media
  17. Practical Privacy-Preserving Map Reduce Based K-means Clustering over Large-scale Data set
  18. Social Q&A An Online Social Network Based Question and Answer System
  19. Authorship Attribution for Social Media Forensics
  20. Detecting and Analysing Urban Regions with High Impact of Weather Change on Transport
  21. Soci Rank Identifying and Ranking Prevalent News Topics Using Social Media Factors
  22. RAPARE A Generic Strategy for Cold-Start Rating Prediction Problem

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