Our NS2 Projects and Titles

NS2 Projects


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)


  1. Energy-Efficient Optimization for Concurrent Compositions of WSN Services
  2. K-Coverage Model Based on Genetic Algorithm to Extend WSN Lifetime
  3. Can Sensors Collect Big Data? An Energy-Efficient Big Data Gathering Algorithm for a WSN
  4. Establishing a Cooperation-Based and Void Node Avoiding Energy-Efficient Underwater WSN for a Cloud

5.         Universal Cooperative Localizer for WSN With Varied Types of Ranging Measurements

6.         Reliability analysis for WSN based on a modular k-out-of-n system

7.         Target detection in cluster based WSN with massive MIMO systems

8.         Authentication Protocol Design and Low-Cost Key Encryption Function Implementation for Wireless Sensor Networks

  1. Lossless In-Network Processing and Its Routing Design in Wireless Sensor Networks

10.     An Optimization Scheme of Enhanced Adaptive Dynamic Energy Consumption Based on Joint Network-Channel Coding in WSNs

11.     Network Performance Evaluation of M2M With Self Organizing Cluster Head to Sink Mapping

12.     Location-Based Key Management Strong Against Insider Threats in Wireless Sensor Networks

13.     Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

14.     Load Balanced Coverage with Graded Node Deployment in Wireless Sensor Networks

15.     A Secure and Efficient ID-Based Aggregate Signature Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

16.     Clustering Hierarchy Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks Using an Improved PSO Algorithm

17.     Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Node With Temporal Death: Novel Models and Analyses

18.     3-D Target Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using RSS and AoA Measurements

19.     Energy-Harvesting-Aided Spectrum Sensing and Data Transmission in Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Sensor Network

20.     Resilience of DoS Attacks in Designing Anonymous User Authentication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

21.     Optimal Mobility Patterns of Multiple Base Stations for Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime Maximization

22.     Data Gathering With Minimum Number of Relay Packets in Wireless Sensor Networks

23.     Optimizing Opportunistic Routing in Asynchronous Wireless Sensor Networks

24.     MSGR: A Mode-Switched Grid-Based Sustainable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

25.     Genetic algorithm based fault tolerant clustering in wireless sensor network

26.     Cluster-chain mobile agent routing algorithm for efficient data aggregation in wireless sensor network

27.     Delay constraint energy-efficient routing based on Lagrange relaxation in wireless sensor networks

28.     Structural Health Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks: A Comprehensive Survey

29.     MCRA: A Multi-Charger Cooperation Recharging Algorithm Based on Area Division for WSNs

30.     Joint Charging Tour Planning and Depot Positioning for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobile Chargers

31.     A Novel Approximation for Multi-Hop Connected Clustering Problem in Wireless Networks

32.     A Game-Theoretic and Energy-Efficient Algorithm in an Improved Software-Defined Wireless Sensor Network

33.     Concurrently Wireless Charging Sensor Networks with Efficient Scheduling

34.     Coordinate-Assisted Routing Approach to Bypass Routing Holes in Wireless Sensor Networks

35.     Design and Analysis of In-Network Computation Protocols With Compressive Sensing in Wireless Sensor Networks


Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs)


  1. On Performance Modelling for MANETs Under General Limited Buffer Constraint
  2. LOMCF: Forwarding and Caching in Named Data Networking Based MANETs
  3. Smooth Mobility and Link Reliability-Based Optimized Link State Routing Scheme for MANETs
  4. Optimal Capacity–Delay Tradeoff in MANETs With Correlation of Node Mobility
  5. Ant based multipath backbone routing for load balancing in MANET
  6. Contradiction Based Gray-Hole Attack Minimization for Ad-Hoc Networks
  7. Trust-Based Service Composition and Binding with Multiple Objective Optimization in Service-Oriented Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  8. Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using the Fitness Function
  9. Trust-Based Task Assignment With Multi objective Optimization in Service-Oriented Ad Hoc Networks
  10. A Dynamic Hop-Aware Buffer Management Scheme for Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks
  11. A Novel Approach for Efficient Usage of Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  12. Dynamic Cloudlet-Assisted Energy-Saving Routing Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  13. SUPERMAN: Security Using Pre-Existing Routing for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  14. Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using the Fitness Function
  15. Deterministic Broadcasting and Random Linear Network Coding in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  16. A Coalition Formation Game for Distributed Node Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  17. Mobility-aware route selection technique for mobile ad hoc networks
  18. A Location-Based Mobile Crowd sensing Framework Supporting a Massive Ad Hoc Social Network Environment
  19. A Novel Approach for Efficient Usage of Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  20. Dynamic, Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Reputation Systems
  21. A Secure Approach for Caching Contents in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  22. Joint Scheduling and Transmission Power Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  23. OEFS: On-Demand Energy-Based Forwarding Strategy for Named Data Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  24. Store-Carry-Cooperative Forward Routing With Information Epidemics Control for Data Delivery in Opportunistic Networks
  25. Broadcast-Based Content Delivery in Information-Centric Hybrid Multihop Wireless Networks

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