Projects on Matlab In Vijaynagar

MATLAB Projects

Digital Video Processing

  1. An efficient edge detection algorithm for flame and fire image processing
  2. Multiple-Object Tracking in the Infrared
  3. Object Motion detection under robust occlusions
  4. Detection and Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects with Occlusion in Smart Video Surveillance Systems
  5. Object Based Video Coding and Motion Segmentation
  6. Motion Estimation using Exhaustive Block Matching Algorithm
  7. Motion Estimation by Optical Flow
  8. Motion Detection and Tracking including computation of mean motion parameters
  9. Vehicle Tracking and departure warning system
  10. Video Object Segmentation and Motion Detection

Digital Image Processing

  1. Image Fusion using various frequency and wavelet domain techniques
  2. Morphological Image Processing Approach On The Detection Of Tumor and Cancer Cells
  3. Retinal Image Vessel Extraction and Registration System (RIVERS)
  4. Intelligent Brain Hemorrhage Detection System based on Neural Network
  5. Information maximization in Multi-Spectral satellite images using Image processing
  6. Image Fusion based on Independent Component Analysis
  7. Image Registration using latest techniques
  1. Total Variation Based Image Segmentation
  2. 3D Reconstruction From Stereo/ Range Images
  3. Versatile Image Fusion for Multi view images
  4. Evaluation of vegetation content from Remote Sensing Images
  5. Image Super Resolution

Bio Medical Signal & Image Processing

  1. Fractal dimension characterizes seizure onset in epileptic patients (Epilepsy Detection System)
  2. Compression of ECG signals by optimized quantization of discrete cosine transform coefficients

Signal Processing & Communication Systems

  1. Satellite Digital Video Transmission over Noisy channels- Simulation
  2. A Novel Error Concealment Technique for Wavelet-coded I-frames for Block-Based Video Coding System


  1. Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network

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