Projects on Matlab In Vijaynagar

MATLAB Projects

Digital Video Processing

  1. An efficient edge detection algorithm for flame and fire image processing
  2. Multiple-Object Tracking in the Infrared
  3. Object Motion detection under robust occlusions
  4. Detection and Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects with Occlusion in Smart Video Surveillance Systems
  5. Object Based Video Coding and Motion Segmentation
  6. Motion Estimation using Exhaustive Block Matching Algorithm
  7. Motion Estimation by Optical Flow
  8. Motion Detection and Tracking including computation of mean motion parameters
  9. Vehicle Tracking and departure warning system
  10. Video Object Segmentation and Motion Detection

Digital Image Processing

  1. Image Fusion using various frequency and wavelet domain techniques
  2. Morphological Image Processing Approach On The Detection Of Tumor and Cancer Cells
  3. Retinal Image Vessel Extraction and Registration System (RIVERS)
  4. Intelligent Brain Hemorrhage Detection System based on Neural Network
  5. Information maximization in Multi-Spectral satellite images using Image processing
  6. Image Fusion based on Independent Component Analysis
  7. Image Registration using latest techniques
  1. Total Variation Based Image Segmentation
  2. 3D Reconstruction From Stereo/ Range Images
  3. Versatile Image Fusion for Multi view images
  4. Evaluation of vegetation content from Remote Sensing Images
  5. Image Super Resolution

Bio Medical Signal & Image Processing

  1. Fractal dimension characterizes seizure onset in epileptic patients (Epilepsy Detection System)
  2. Compression of ECG signals by optimized quantization of discrete cosine transform coefficients

Signal Processing & Communication Systems

  1. Satellite Digital Video Transmission over Noisy channels- Simulation
  2. A Novel Error Concealment Technique for Wavelet-coded I-frames for Block-Based Video Coding System


  1. Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network

Mini Projects for BCA and MCA

C# NET Projects

  1. Artificial Intelligence Network Load Balancing Using Ant Colony Optimization
  2. Automated Employee Information System
  3. Cms Applications C#, Content Management System
  4. Convolution Filters
  5. Crm – Call Centre Management C#+
  6. Data Hiding Additional Files In A Zip Archive
  7. Database Schema Comparison Utility C#
  8. Steganography For Hiding Data In Wave Audio Files
  9. Steganography For Indexed Images And Their Palettes
  10. Watermark An Image
  11. Windows Management Instrumentation Wmi Implementation
  12. Workflow Mining Discovering Process Models From Event Logs – Ieee
  13. Edge Detection Filters
  14. Edge Detection In Images With Wavelet Transform
  15. File Encryption Decryption With Hash Verification
  16. Flood Fill Algorithms In C# And Gdi+
  17. Genetic Algorithms And The Traveling Salesman Problem Using C# And Atl Com
  18. Image Processing For Displacement Filters, Including Swirl
  19. Image Processing For The Hsl Color Space
  20. Image Recognition With Neural Networks
  21. Implementation Of Authenticated And Dynamic Logistics Support System & Management – IEEE
  22. Dynamic Online Professional E Recruitment & Management System
  23. Erp Application – Integrated Enterprise Solutions With Strategic Advantages
  24. Face Recognition Using Neural Network System
  25. Job Portal With Career Guidance Services, Resume Services And Specialized Search Engine
  26. Online Asset Management Solution Implementation
  27. Online Auction & Bidding System With Multi Brand & Product Selection – Design And Implementation
  28. Online Banner Advertisement Management
  29. Online Call Centre Management
  30. Online Crm – Call Centre Management
  31. Online File Exchange / Share Management
  32. Online Hr Consultancy & Recruitment Services
  33. Online Leasing Management System With E-Commerce
  34. Online Newsletter Management
  35. Online Photo Gallery Management
  36. Online Portfolio Manager – Equity Trading & Mutual Funds Management – Stock / Share Trading
  37. Online Wedding Tracker, A Service Providing Application For A Marriage From A To Z Options
  38. Photo – Image Editor For The Image Management Industries

ASP.NET Projects

  1. Agro world
  2. Logistics and cargo booking
  3. Banking
  4. Women empowerment
  5. Water supply chain management system
  6. Distance education
  7. one property ads
  8. online exam
  9. Online voting
  10. Geo spatial
  11. Back to my village/school
  12. Company info tracking
  13. Bike sales and service showroom
  14. Blood bank portal
  15. Doctor online
  16. Faculty feedback
  17. Online college magazine
  18. Online galleria for paintings
  19. Online college portal
  20. Gas agency
  21. Online hostel
  22. Online hospital
  23. Online journals
  24. Online pharmacy
  25. Online shopping
  26. Online advertisement
  27. Online receipe
  28. Online event management
  29. Online food order
  30. Online voting
  31. Online passport service
  32. Online campus drive
  33. Online rent tracker
  34. Online campus query
  35. Online pizza order
  36. Book online waste/biowaste
  37. Construction material management
  38. Prisons .com
  39. com
  40. Online
  41. Superstar
  42. College event management
  43. RTO management
  44. Travel
  45. Orphanage .com
  46. Resort management
  47. Online help desk
  48. Credit card fraud detection

PHP Projects

  1. Background verification
  2. College staff management
  3. Electricity billing and payment portal
  4. Hotel booking
  5. hrms
  6. com
  7. Instant portal
  8. Library
  9. Banking
  10. Printer’s world
  11. Online quiz
  12. E Learning tutorial
  13. Bus pass issuing portal
  14. Holiday package
  15. Faculty feed back
  16. Education Admission system
  17. Staff
  18. Blood
  19. Service point
  20. Tender online
  21. com
  22. Online doctor app system

JAVA Projects

  1. Quick mail
  2. Agro world
  3. Farmers buddy
  4. City pilot
  5. Credit card fraud detection
  6. Geo spatial
  7. Employee assessment
  8. Buy or order jeweler online
  9. Health card
  10. Help desk
  11. Bus pass issue portal
  12. Online pharmacy
  13. Campus online
  14. Online advt
  15. Online news. com
  16. HRMS
  17. Online
  18. Online diagnostics
  19. Nets mobile banking
  20. Online shopping
  21. com
  22. Bug tracking
  23. com
  24. com
  25. Placement
  26. Online food order
  27. Online library
  28. Tender online
  29. Book my
  30. com
  31. Red estate